This was probably one of the most fun, but also exhausting projects I have ever done. From the first day it seemed like our group was destined for hardships. All of our screws for tiny and almost all of them were so unique that it was extremely difficult to take off the back cover. Eventually we were able to get inside of the Nintendo 2DS and we were able to see the parts.


In this post i will navigate you on my journey through the parts that I had to research. I’ll start with the part that gave me the most trouble and ultimately, the part that I would not find out where it came from. The Cartridge Tray. I started my search with a basic google search of the numbers on the tray. I tried endless combinations of the numbers with nintendo 2DS, nintendo, cartridge, manufacturer. In total, I probably spent about two hours searching endlessly, simply for the manufacturer. Nothing more specific than that. It was really difficult, because every time I searched for the part it would show me ebay sites and I was not able to find a manufacturer and not a distributor. That was probably the most recurring theme in all of the research for the parts, well at least for me. I would think that I had came across the manufacturer, but in reality, after about 10 to 15 minutes of further research I found out that it was merely a distributor. I was upset that I couldn’t find anything on this part, mainly because I hate failing, but also because it would have been cool to find out where the tray was made.


The first successful part that I researched was a chip on the circuit board. This was a very easy find, because I searched “Samsung KLM2G1HE3F-B001” and I got a bunch of results for possible companies and places the chip could’ve came from. Once again, I ran into the distributor not manufacturer problem, but just a little later I found success. One of the sited that I clicked on had the chip part listed and the option to open Samsung’s data sheet for that piece and pieces like it. What I found out was that the chip was actually a flash memory chip. It was put out by Samsung to give optimal storage capabilities. After I had found out this information. I had to find out where the manufacturer for Samsung was. I found out that the chip was made specifically by Samsung Electronics. I felt overwhelmed because not only does Samsung have multiple smaller bases that help give it its significance. The bases then have multiple facilities that help them carry out their operations. The HQ of Samsung Electronics was in Suwon, South Korea. Since I could not find any more specifics about the chip after searching the numbers and letters printed on it, I decided to use Suwon as the place for the manufacturing site for the chip. I felt that this was successful because I found out the manufacturers of the chip and where that manufacturer had its headquarters.


The second successful part that I researched was the circuit board. This was also a fairly easy task, but I didn’t realize how easy it was until I had already searched for about 45 minutes to find the manufacturer. I searched all of the letters and numbers that were placed on the circuit board with the Nintendo sign right below it and immediately I was shown ebay sites. All of the results on the first page were different ebay sites that were selling replacement circuit boards. It was until the next day that I flipped the circuit board over and saw the “Compeq” stamp. So, then I decided to enter Compeq in the searchv after the numbers and I was able to find the site for Compeq. I learned that Compeq is one of the main manufacturers of printed circuit boards. The best part about finding out that Compeq had differen locations for its company was that the sit informed me that the Tayuan, Taiwan site was the site specifically for the manufacturing of the pcb’s. This was the most successful search that I was able to achieve and it was good to know that I had downright found the location where that specific circuit board was made. All in all it was a fun project and I’m glad we had to put in the time and effort, because it was a rewarding experience.