As the spring semester of 2016 comes to an end, I sit at my computer in the library studying. As I peruse my notes, my books, my texts, my canvas, I realize that one thing has not changed since the beginning of the semester, my digital identity. It might have actually died a little since the beginning of the semester. I can recall blogging that I only really use three social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  There has been an addition, which is probably the application that I devote most of my social media attention to, SnapChat. Since the beginning of the semester I have used each, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, less and less. It has never been easy for me to stay interested in those social media sites for long. By that I mean I don’t check them regularly. I barely check them at all. I don’t post things often and if I am on, its probably not for longer than 10 minutes.

With SnapChat things are a little different. I feel that its the only application that really gets individuals as close as possible to the people they want to be in contact with. It is a seamless way for people to check in and and see what other people are doing. Since I only really use social media applications in order to “lurk,” SnapChat has been a great outlet for me to do so. Even though I do use the application, I don’t check as often as one would think. It might be an every three to four day type of situation and for no longer that 10 minutes. That’s just me.

In regards to my domain, there is no linkage between the two since my presence isn’t really strong or noticeable.  I guess I would just rather talk and interact face to face with individuals rather then have to constantly log on and check to find out. Once again, not much has changed about my digital identity and I am just fine with that. The most valuable thing that I learned about digital technology is HTML coding. I really enjoyed learning the process as when one sees from an outside perspective what it looks like, they would think it was arduous. I don’t feel that it was that rough and I  honestly wish I had more opportunities to interact with it. While my digital identity might not be as dynamic as others, I really enjoyed DGST 101 and look forward to DGST 395.