Interestingly enough, I am enrolled in COMM 206: Small Group Communication, this semester. Throughout the development of the current semester we have been studying all of the components essential to small group communication. We have also been evaluating the terms that construct favorable communication. One of the key elements of small group communication  is equal decision making power. I feel that a lot of the time this concept gets overlooked, but in DGST 101 you don’t really have an option. It is vital to the success of the group that the members all have decision making power. Now, it is inherent in us as people for someone to be an alpha but that is okay as long as they respect the decisions and thoughts of other members in the group. With that being said, Team 11, who disassembled the Nintendo 2DS, worked seamlessly as a small group to get our project done.

The first time we met Brooke spoke up immediately saying that she had the 2DS and that she was going home for the weekend, so she could bring it back. From that time on there were no interruptions, as far as group work goes. The only thing that slowed our group down was the actual dismantling of the device. It was also kind of hard to find information, because either we could only find the manufacturer that makes all of the specific parts, but not the specific manufacturer for the parts we had or the sites that we were led to were in foreign languages. We all worked equally on the slides and decided over google slides that we would do our presentation specifically on the process of our disassembly and research. We finished the presentation and presented the five minute presentation to the class. All in all, I really enjoyed working with this group and everyone held their own weight. It was a great experience and I learned a lot, not only about the 2DS, but also small group communication.