Digital Studies Subdomain

This is my personal subdomain for my class. I edited an HTML and CSS style sheet document, which allowed me to create this personal subdomain. It is devoted to an lyric analysis of Kendrick Lamar’s most recent album To Pimp A Butterfly. I gives a thorough background and introduction about Kendrick Lamar and his emergence to the top of the Hip Hop world. It further explores the themes that have been at play throughout his entire career. Definitely no silent, bystander, Kendrick Lamar exudes an air of defense for African American culture.

Mapping Your Device

One of the most challenging, but also one of my favorite projects from the Spring semester of 2016. I would have never even begin to think that  some of the smallest devices that we use come from all parts of the world. I think this is due to the fact that as consumers and buyers we always see the “Made In ___” label. This impairs our thoughts of where all of the parts are manufactured and the number of companies that add to the production of the device. This project was tough because it was hard to pinpoint specific locations, only because we would get stuck right at the manufacturer’s location. At some point the manufacturer would have multiple locations, so it was a pretty arduous task. While it was hard, I feel the knowledge I gained is substantial for future reference.

Slavery to Modern Technology

Another one of my favorite assignments from the Spring semester of 2016. I thoroughly enjoyed learning the history behind slavery and how it is used as a means to provide technology. While at first I was shocked, I was happy to suggest a plan to correct the harsh injustice.